My wife and I are so impressed by Caroline

My wife and I are so impressed by Caroline
I look for two things when I evaluate professionals who do work for me.

1 – Are they Honest? (i.e. have integrity and can be trusted?)

2 – Can they get the job done.

I can definitely say YES to both with Caroline.

I guess I could stop here but I would be remiss
if I did not tell you the rest of the story.

Late last year (2014), we found ourselves in a situation where we had to sell a large tract of land as the buildings which occupied the property had started to deteriorate. We bought the land years ago as our dream location and now found ourselves in the position of having to sell in an unfavorable market. Some of the property in the area had been (and still is) on the market for 5 years and unfortunately the past THREE (yes, 3) realtors we hired were unable to sell it, so it sat for yet another year (almost 5 total) before we found Caroline.

Folks, she had it sold in less than a few months after taking on the job.

She negotiated, she marketed. She worked with bankers, land trusts, other realtors and every step of the way, she was with us even to the very end when she offered to drive to Atlanta to ensure that the closing took place. I had to do very little except watch her work, and she made it happen where the last three realtors could not.

That’s not the end of the story though…

At the same time as this transaction was taking place, we purchased a house in Hixson, in which she negotiated the deal, and worked with us and the mortgage lender to pull the deal out of the tank several times. We almost walked away from the purchase but Caroline brought us back with her expertise and ability to close the deal.

But, that’s not all!

We also had a townhouse in N.W. Georgia that we were selling at the same time as selling the farm and buying the house in Hixson… crazy, I know. She helped with that as well, and reached out to the buyers and their agent to make this deal work as well!

I’m telling you, my wife and I are so impressed by Caroline that we have a permanent place on our mantle for her picture 🙂

Caroline, if you read this, I will be glad to tell anyone and everyone about the unbelievable job you did for us. All told, you had almost a million dollars in deals working in a short period of time for us (and I have no idea what else you had on your plate at the same time). You always made Becky and me feel like we were the only client you had, even though I know that wasn’t the case.

You pulled it off… God bless you

Craig and Becky